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We reunite families and support partners on the border with their critical needs. We give special consideration to bond requests for those who are vulnerable because of some aspect of their identity or are ill.   



Bonds have recently been set between $15,000-$40,000 each instead of the typical $1500 bond. The lowest bond we have paid is $1500 and the highest bond, $40,000. Based on what we have paid in bonds the average cost is $9000.    

Detention Support

Detention Support

Very early on in IFT's history, people started calling and writing us from inside detention centers. Through their calls and letters, we learned of the range of terrible conditions inside these for-profit facilities.

Though we were focused on getting people OUT of detention, we began thinking about how to work on some of the structural issues that impact people who are stuck in ICE custody for an extended period of time. 
We became involved in providing logistical support on cases where we thought we could connect the dots, providing detained folks and their families with contacts for and referrals to resources that could help get them out of detention.

Eventually, though, we realized that there are barriers to even making contact with the world outside the walls and razor wire of the detention centers, because it costs so much money to reach anyone outside the prison. And because of IFT's proven track record of effective rapid response actions, we began, increasingly, to be called upon to provide support in particularly heartbreaking cases, including those of people who died in detention.

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a $25,000 grant, in partnership with Justice Catalyst and the #DetentionKills network, to expand our work in this area. 

This grant specifically allows us to fund work for the support of families who lose a loved one in detention, and to support others in detention so that they don't become another name on the devastating list of deaths in ICE.

Legal Representation


We partner with some the best immigration attorneys in the country. 

We do seek to find pro bono representation however, these sources are increasingly unavailable. In those instances when we cannot find other resources, we do pay for legal representation because without counsel it is nearly impossible to navigate our complicated immigration courts.   

Support and Humanitarian Aid


Immigrant Families Together is one of the most comprehensive foundations in providing full assistance to our families on an as need basis. 

We also provide humanitarian aid to our partners on the border which is becoming increasingly important due to the effects of the Remain in Mexico program which leaves asylum seekers stranded without a country and home to wait out their asylum process. These migrants are left to live in shelters, tents and under tarps in the streets until their court dates which can take months amd in some cases over a year.   

How We Can Make a Difference Together

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a 501(c)3?

We're glad you asked! No, we are not. While we're in the process of applying is proud to act as fiscal sponsor to Immigrant Families Together, for donations through their General Fund given the important charitable services received it is providing to an important charitable class of people. is a 501c3 non-profit organization (EIN #81-2279757) and solely responsible for the collection and management of your donations as of July 1, 2019. 

What percentage of your funds raised goes directly to the families you are helping?

In short, 100%. We’d like everyone to know, our entire organization is staffed solely by volunteers. Every penny goes directly to the General Fund to provide bonds, living expenses, medical, legal, supporting urgent needs of like minded organizations and our operating infrastructure.

¿Qué porcentaje de los fondos recaudados va directamente a las madres y los niños que están ayudando?

En breve, el 100%. Queremos que todos estén al tanto de que nuestra organización está conformada solamente por voluntarios. Cada centavo va directamente al Fondo General para los gastos médicos, legales, de vivienda, pago de fianzas, apoyo a necesidades urgentes de organizaciones similares y la operación de nuestra infraestructura.

Why aren't you partnering with other organizations who were already doing this work?

We are! Like many Americans, you've probably just recently become aware of the many organizations, including RAICES, that have been working on border and immigration issues for years. These organizations were spread thin before the zero tolerance policy and family separation crisis; they have only become more so since then. We are by no means reinventing the wheel. In fact, we are partnering with a number of long-established non-profits, social justice and immigrant advocacy groups, and elected officials around the country to apply their knowledge, experience, connections, and influence to work in collaboration for a single cause: to free these mothers and reunite them with their children. We are grateful to work with them, learn from them, and support their efforts in the pursuit of this common goal.

¿Por qué no están trabajando en conjunto con otras organizaciones que ya hacen este tipo de trabajo?

¡Sí lo estamos! Como muchos norteamericanos, tal vez recientemente se han enterado de todas estas organizamos, incluyendo RAÍCES, que ha estado trabajando en problemas fronterizos y migratorios por años. Estas organizaciones no eran tan conocidas antes de la política de cero tolerancia; solo después de ésta se han vuelto más conocidas. Bajo ningún motivo estamos reinventando el tema. De hecho, estamos reuniéndonos con diversos grupos de justicia social y ayuda migratoria sin fines de lucro establecidos desde hace tiempo, así como oficiales electos alrededor del país para hacer uso de su conocimiento, experiencia, conexiones e influencia para trabajar en una misma causa: la liberación de estas madres y la reunión con sus familias.

Estamos agradecidos de poder trabajar y aprender de ellos, y apoyar sus esfuerzos en cumplir con la misma meta.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept larger donations?

Yes!  If you email us, we will be happy to discuss your donation privately. 

¿Aceptan donaciones más grandes?

¡Si! Si nos escribes un correo, con gusto te pondremos discutir tu donación de forma privada.

Why don't you tell us more about the moms and their children?

We need to protect their privacy and security. 

¿Por qué no nos pueden dar más información sobre las madres y sus hijos?

Porque debemos proteger su privacidad y seguridad.

How do you know who needs your help?

Through those we have paid bond, the work of others, lawyers, and alien #s. 

¿Cómo saben quién necesita su ayuda?

A través de las personas liberadas, abogados y contactos de diversas fuentes.

How did all of this get started? ¿Cómo empezó todo?

It began with Yeni Gonzalez, an immigrant mother from Guatemala whose three children were taken by ICE agents and transported to New York. Yeni remained alone in a detention center in Arizona, unable to pay a $7,500 bond. A group of American mothers heard Yeni’s story and quickly mobilized to raise bond money and then transport her safely, state by state, to New York. The group drove her by car because ICE had taken her ID, putting her up for the night at homes of even more volunteers. We also found shelter, food and pro-bono legal aid for Yeni. Her three children were soon back in their mother’s arms, and eventually her full custody. Immigrant Families Together was born. 

Todo comenzó con Yeni González, una madre inmigrante de Guatemala, cuyos tres hijos fueron llevados por agentes del ICE y trasladados a Nueva York. Yeni permaneció sola en un centro de detención en Arizona, sin poder pagar una fianza de $ 7,500. Un grupo de madres estadounidenses escuchó la historia de Yeni. Se movilizaron rápidamente para recaudar dinero para la fianza y después poder transportarla de manera segura, estado por estado, hasta Nueva York. El grupo la tuvo que llevar en auto, pues la ICE había tomado su identificación y la había dejado pasar noches en casas de otros voluntarios. También encontramos refugio, alimentos y asistencia legal pro bono para Yeni. Los tres hijos pronto regresaron a los brazos de su madre, y finalmente Yeni obtuvo su custodia completa. Así fue como Immigrant Families Together nació.

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Isn't it typical to pay 10% of a bond?/¿No es normal que se exija pagar el 10% de una fianza?

A ten percent bond is a possibility in immigration cases, but with that comes restrictions. By posting the full bond, the court doesn’t impose restrictions on where the asylum seeker/mother can travel. This is crucial as in most cases the children have been relocated several states away. Posting the full bond allows our parents to travel to any state to meet their kids, and eventually without being required to wear an ankle bracelet.

Un diez por ciento de la fianza es una posibilidad en casos de inmigración, pero esto conlleva varias restricciones. Al pagar la fianza completa, el tribunal no impone restricciones sobre el lugar adonde puede viajar la madre solicitante de asilo. Esto es crucial, ya que en la mayoría de los casos los niños han sido reubicados en varios estados. Pagar la fianza completa permite a nuestros padres viajar a cualquier estado para reencontrarse con sus hijos, sin tener que usar un brazalete en el tobillo.

Wasn’t the government mandated to reunite these families? Why can’t we just wait for that to happen?

They were and the US Department of Justice has failed to meet the deadline imposed. Even more concerning, the Department of Justice is simultaneously seeking to hold unified families in detention centers indefinitely. This puts mothers and fathers in the unimaginable position of either allowing their children to grow up in captivity, or signing away their rights as parents. The situation could not be more urgent.  

¿No fue el gobierno obligado a reunir a estas familias? ¿Por qué no podemos esperar a que eso suceda?

Sí. Lo fue. Pero el Departamento de Justicia de EU dice que no cumplirá con la fecha límite que le fue impuesta. Aún más preocupante es el hecho de que el Departamento de Justicia busca simultáneamente mantener a las familias unificadas en los centros de detención indefinidamente. Esto pone a las madres y padres en la posición inimaginable de permitir que sus hijos crezcan en cautiverio o de renunciar a sus derechos como padres. La situación no podría ser más urgente.

Wait, didn’t RAICES go to Washington DC with a $20 million check to bail everyone out?

Yes. And it was denied. RAICES is doing amazing and important work and we are huge fans and supporters of all that they are doing. While RAICES continues to work on a grand scale we are focusing on one family at a time. Focusing on individuals allows us to not only post bond, but provide housing, transportation, legal representation and any other forms of individual support that each case may need. In the long run we are all fighting for the same end goal: to empty these facilities, reunite these parents with their children, and help repair the enormous trauma our country has perpetrated against these families who came here seeking a safer, better life.

Espera, ¿RAICES no acaba de ir a Washington DC con un cheque de $ 20 millones para rescatar a todos?

Sí. Y fue negado. RAICES está haciendo un trabajo increíble e importante, y somos grandes admiradores y partidarios de todo lo que están haciendo. Pero mientras RAICES continúa trabajando a gran escala, nosotros nos estamos enfocando en una familia a la vez. Centrarnos en las personas nos permite no solo pagar una fianza, sino también proporcionar alojamiento, transporte, pro bono y cualquier otra forma de apoyo individual que cada caso pueda necesitar. A largo plazo, todos luchamos por el mismo objetivo: vaciar estas instalaciones, reunir a todos estos padres con sus hijos y ayudar a reparar el enorme trauma que nuestro país ha perpetrado en contra de estas familias, que vinieron aquí en busca de una vida mejor y más segura.

Our Director and Co Founders

Julie Schwietert Collazo--Founder and Director

Former bilingual social worker, current bilingual writer/journalist. Learned about Yeni's case on a radio show and reached out to Yeni's lawyer to say that she could activate a network of people who could post Yeni's bond, get her to New York, and provide ongoing support throughout her immigration proceedings. She set the ball in motion for what would become Immigrant Families Together. At present, she works with attorneys and advocacy groups to identify family members eligible for release from ICE detention facilities, posts their bond, and manages media relations for IFT. 

Julie Schwietert Collazo -- Fundadora

Ex-trabajadora social bilingüe, actualmente escritora/reportera bilingüe.

Se enteró del caso de Yeni en un show de radio y decidió contactar al abogado de Yeni para decir que comenzaría una red de personas que podrían pagar la fianza de Yeni, llevarla a Nueva York, y proveer apoyo a través de procesos legales. Puso la bola de nieve que eventualmente se convertiría en Immigrant Families Together en movimiento. Hoy en día trabaja con abogados y grupos para identificar a mujeres elegibles para salir bajo fianza de las instalaciones de detención de ICE, pagar sus fianzas y manejar las relaciones en los medios para Immigrant Families Together.

Francisco Collazo -- Co-Founder:

Refugee from Cuba, former counselor, current translator/photographer. Is the point person for providing on-ground support for families who are relocating to NYC after their release from ICE detention. 

Francisco Collazo -- Co-fundador

Refugiado cubano, ex-consejero, actualmente traductor/fotógrafo.

Es la persona encargada de proveer apoyo en tierra para familias que se están reubicando en Nueva York, después de su liberación en ICE.


"Deepest gratitude to all the organizers and volunteers working to unify parents and children. I can't think of a better place to put my money to work right now." -- Terra

“Nuestro mayor agradecimiento a todos los organizadores y voluntarios que trabajan para unificar a los padres y niños. No puedo pensar en un mejor lugar para poner mi dinero a trabajar en estos momentos.” – Terra