My Life Was in Danger

Two mothers whose families face violence and extortion in Central America explain why they risked everything to take a perilous journey to the United States to build new lives here. The 15 year old son of one of them shares his experiences, too. 


Immigrant Families Together (IFT) is a foundation dedicated to reuniting and supporting families separated at the US/Mexico border and providing humanitarian aid to our partners on the border.  We raise money to bond out parents, grandparents and adult children to reunite them with their families, and we provide ongoing support -legal, medical, housing, clothing food. and more-to these families as they proceed thorough their legal cases. 


Go Fund Me Heroes Honors Our Work

GoFundMe Heroes celebrates the everyday people who do extraordinary things on GoFundMe.

"As a collective group of people, we can do something meaningful in a short amount of time — and that’s what keeps me going."

How We Can Make A Difference Together

Videos and Press

PBS: Frontline Special Series


Separated: Children at the Border 



Inside the Cross-Country Journey to Reunite an Undocumented Mother with Her Three Children

Democratic Senators


Democratic Senators Share Gut Wrenching Letter Written by Immigrant Parents in detention centers. 

CNN Español

Image CNN Espanol Julie Schwietert Collazo

Redes sociales y crowdfunding: fórmula para enfrentar la "tolerancia cero"

CNN: Chris Cuomo

Image CNN audio from immigration court

CNN obtained audio of two hearings from immigration court at the Port Isabel Detention Center.

Kristen Bell

Image Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell celebrates her birthday by helping Immigrant Families Together

CUNY TV Digital Series


This special 'Greater Good' episode features the non-profit organization 'Immigrant Families Together'

MSNBC: Rachel Maddow

Image Rachel Maddow Show MSNBC

ICE Denying Bond to Detained Parents

CBS News


Inside the Trump administration's plan to reunite 2,500 immigrant children with their families

GoFundMe: True Stories of Good People


A podcast spotlighting the work of Immigrant Families Together. 

Writers for Migrant Justice

Writers for Migrant Justice

An initiative of 40+ cities hosting poetry readings across the country in support of Immigrant Families Together. 

Telemundo En Español

Telemundo Immigrant Families Together

Un orgullo hispano: Francisco y Julie Collazo han podido reunificar a 80 familias separadas en la frontera, gracias a su gran pasión y su fundación

CNN: Cuomo Prime Time

CNN Cuomo Prime Time Jose Orochena

A mother separated from her children will get to visit but not be given custody of her biological children because they are now in the foster system.

CNN: Cuomo Prime Time


Yeni Gonzalez, a Guatemalan mother, was reunited with her kids. Her children will remain in the US foster care system until they can be legally reunited.

NY 1

Image Spectrum News NY 1 Josh Rubin A mothers Journey

A Mother's Journey - 4 Part Series 

NY1's Josh Robin follows the story of a woman after her release from an immigration detention center in Arizon

CBS News

CBS series Separated and Counting

"In our Separated and Counting series, we are focusing on families who were broken apart at the border and are coming together again. Manuel Bojorquez introduces us to two brothers, originally from Honduras, who were brought back together in New York after 183 days apart."



Family separation continues, an  emotional reunion facilitated by Immigrant Families Together.

CBS News


Separated 326 days, Angie was taken from her father on June 1, 2018. Immigrant Families Together paid  Adelino's $8,000 bond so he could be released from the Adelanto detention prison and reunited with his daughter. 

CBS News Documentary

CBS News Documentary Family Separation  Immigrant Families Together

The majority of the families appearing in this documentary were assisted by Immigrant Families Together. 

HBO Documentary

HBO documentary family separation Torn Apart Immigrant Families Together

Immigrant Families Together assisted in the production of this documentary.  

Un Nuevo Día

Francisco Collazo, co founder of Immigrant Families Together, with Junior Olvera tells the reunification story of 2 brothers after 6 months of being separated and held in a detention prison.   5/20/19

"Filled with joy that this organization is reuniting moms with their children! This is HOPE!" -- Barbara

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"I have joined the CA group and will spread the word to my West coast friends. The village is big and we can come together on many fronts. Thank you for starting this movement!"-- CJ