"This is the money from my book sale. I hope that you never get separated again. I hope no families get separated, ever. "  -- Felix, 8yrs  

“Este es el dinero de mi venta de libros. Espero que nunca se separen de nuevo. Espero que ninguna familia vuelva a ser separada, nunca. – Felix, 8 años de edad.

Immigrant Families Together Mission statement

Immigrant Families Together Foundation

a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to reuniting and supporting immigrant families separated at the US/Mexico border.

The bond paperwork from our bonds

119 Bonds Paid = $1,141,500

This is the beginning of our work

We also provide support and resources to the families we've reunited:

  • Legal Counsel
  • Medical 
  • Housing
  • Food Security 
  • Transportation 
  • Clothing

In addition we have programs for:

  • Assistance to volunteers and partners on the border serving those affected by the Remain in Mexico, Migrant Protection Protocols. 
  • Detention Support which expands work in detention prisons for the support of families who lose a loved one in detention, and to support those in immigration detention so that they don't become another name on the devastating list of deaths in ICE custody. 


Your support is crucial. 

Every dollar counts!

How We are Helping

Immigrant Families Together Foundation formed as a group of volunteers in June 2018 in reaction to the zero tolerance policy that separates families at the border. We are dedicated to reuniting and supporting families separated at the US/Mexico border. 

Since then, we:

• Posted bond for 119 adults and reunited them with their families (bonds have ranged from $1,500 to $40,000).

• Provide ongoing support -- legal counsel, housing, groceries, clothing, healthcare on an as-needed basis -- for families to live a stable life without becoming a public charge.

• Provide support to partners on the border who meet immediate needs of asylum seekers affected by the Migrant Protection Protocols. 

• Provide phone and commissary funds to asylum seekers in detention, as well as support to families who have lost a loved one in detention in order to obtain the remains and make final arrangements. 

Yeni Gonzalez, our first mom, leaving Eloy Detention Center

Yeni Gonzalez, our first mom, 

leaving Eloy Detention Center 

Now This

"You don't have to wait for the government to do what you are socially responsible to do"

Francisco Collazo - Cofounder

Immigrant Families Together

How We Can Make a Difference Together


Corporate Partners Making a Difference




Logo GoFundMe.org

GoFundMe.org is proud to announce that Immigrant Families Together is a $1000 recipient of a COVID -19 grsnt




Image of Miles4Migrants

Miles4Migrants partners with us to provide transportation to reunite many of our new families upon release from detention. 





Lumos, the foundation founded by J.K. Rowling partners with us to accomplish our shared mission of reuniting families and helping them to rebuild their lives and recover from the trauma they have endured.


Seventh Generation



Casper partners with us to provide beds to families. 

Hello Bello

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation


Hello Bello, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's premium eco friendly diaper company, partners with us to provide our families' diapers.  

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation


Seventh Generation partners with us to provide period care products to asylum-seeking refugees in need.  Seventh Generation’s mission is to transform the world into a healthy, sustainable & equitable place for the next seven generations.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Robin Hood Relief Organization grant for NYC families

Robin Hood‘s COVID-19 Relief program generously provided a  grant in the amount of $3,500, to cover food expenses for IFT families in NYC. 

Sesame Street in Communities

Sesame Street in Communities

Sesame Street in Communities


Sesame Street in Communities partners with Immigrant Families Together to provide our partners on the border with materials for families to create safe spaces during these trauma filled times in their lives.


Sesame Street in Communities

Sesame Street in Communities


6397 showed up for our partners on the border with a shipment of jeans and t shirts. 

Good Home Co.

Sesame Street in Communities

LUX in Partnership with The CityPak Project

Good Home Co. stepped up to not only provide our NYC families with cleaning products but also sent out partners on the border a shipment of castille soap and bug repellent.

LUX in Partnership with The CityPak Project

LUX in Partnership with The CityPak Project

LUX in Partnership with The CityPak Project

LUX logo

LUX,  a California Public Benefit Corporation, supporting humanitarian causes and keeping families together. in partnership with The CityPak Project provided 102 backpacks to our partners on the border. 


LUX in Partnership with The CityPak Project


Bombas logo Bombas makes a donation of 5000 pairs of socks to immigrants on the border.

Bombas touched the lives of over 1000 immigrants from toddlers to adults with a donation of 5000 pairs of socks to our partners on the border in El Paso, TX. 


LUX in Partnership with The CityPak Project


TomboyX supports the work Immigrant Families Together

TomboyX, whose brazenly unapologetic underwear made for all bodies and genders, provides underwear to migrants living in homeless shelters, on the street in tents and under tarps for our special projects on the border. 

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Women's History Month

Director, Julie Schwietert Collazo with

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, 

Rep. Carolyn Mahoney and 

Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas honored for her/our and your work with Immigrant Families Together. 

Queens Gazette

Congressional Record

Queens Daily Eagle

Photo courtesy: The Astoria Bookshop

2019 Woman of Distinction

Senate Deputy Leader Michale Gianaris  and Julie Schwietert Collazo

Senate Deputy Leader Gianaris Announces Julie Schwietert Collazo As 2019 Woman Of Distinction Honoree

“Immigration policy is personal for so many of us in Queens who come from immigrant families. This federal government’s anti-immigrant agenda is un-American and shameful. Thankfully, good people like Julie are organizing and fighting back,” 

said Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris

“I am honored to support her work with Immigrant Families Together and pleased to recognize her as a Woman of Distinction.”

The Senator cares about family reunification and supports immigration reform. 

Sen. Gianaris awarded Immigrant Families Together a $20,000 grant on our first anniversary.

Al Senador le importa la reunificación familiar y apoya la reforma de inmigración.

"In honor of my precious grandchildren. All children deserve to be protected and cherished, and their parents deserve to be supported in trying to protect and take care their families."  -- Liz

“En honor a mis preciosos nietos. Todos los niños merecen ser protegidos y apreciados, y sus padres merecen ser apoyados en tratar de proteger y cuidar de sus familias.” – Liz