Immigrant Families Together
Reunite Moms and Their Children

One Mom At A Time 

"This is the money from my book sale. I hope that you never get separated again. I hope no families get separated, ever. "  -- Felix, 8yrs  

Who We Are

Immigrant Families Together is a network of Americans committed to rapid response unification of families separated by the 'zero tolerance' policy.  We have mobilized to help parents currently detained through the following immediate actions:

  • Raising of bond funds through coordinated crowdfunding and individual giving in order to post bond for parents separated from their children at the US/Mexico Border.
  • Paying bonds and providing pro bono legal representation to fulfill all legal responsibilities while awaiting trial so that they may be with their children.
  • Arranging safe transportation from state of detention to the city where children are currently in foster care. 
  • When needed, finding longterm housing in the destination city while they await trial.
  • Connecting parents in cities with resources in order to sustain them during the process of being unified with their children.  
  • Working with local organizations and government to expedite the process of achieving full custody of their children while they await trial.

We are creating a toolkit to allow other concerned citizens to replicate our model in order to help bring parents back to their children across the country as quickly as possible.  .

Leaving Eloy Dentetion Center,  Yeni's greatest wish is you help the next mom.

Leaving Eloy Dentetion Center, Yeni's greatest wish is you help the next mom.

  "You don't have to wait for the government to to do what you are socially responsible to do"

Francisco Collazo - Co Founder

Immigrant Families Together


El grupo de Familias Inmigrantes Unidas es un grupo de ciudadanos determinados a reunir en una manera rapida aquellas familias que fueron separadas por la politica de cero tolerancia.  Nos hemos mobilizado para ayudar a los padres de las siguientes maneras:

  •  Reuniendo fondos con donaciones para pagar sus fianzas.
      Pagar fianza, y proveer asesoría legal para cumplir con todos los requisitos legales necesarios mientras esperan ser reunidos con su hijos.
  • Organizamos el transporte desde el centro de detención a el estado donde se encuentran sus hijos.
  • Cuando necesario, buscamos alojamiento para los padres mientras esperan su juicio legal.
  • Conectamos a los padres con recursos locales que puedan ayudarlos a sustentarlos mientras esperan el ser reunidos con sus hijos.
  •  Trabajamos con organizaciones locales y gubernamentales que puedan ayudar a expeditar el proceso de custodia mientras esperan su juicio.
  • En este momento estamos realizando un modelo de trabajo para que otros ciudadanos puedan replicarlo y ayudar a otros padres ser reunidos con sus hijos. 

"In honor of my precious grandchildren. All children deserve to be protected and cherished, and their parents deserve to be supported in trying to protect and take care their families."  -- Liz