Image: IFT lemonade stand fundraiser

The IFT Lemonade Challenge

Take the IFT Lemonade Challenge

There were so many awesome homemade fundraisers on Fourth of July that we wanted to encourage more and make it even easier!

IFT is challenging YOU to host a lemonade stand fundraiser!

Here are some helpful tips:

Decide where and when you will have your lemonade stand. Consider how best to get lots of foot traffic!

Think about what you're going to have at your Lemonade Stand. Will you stick with just lemonade or add a bake sale, art sale, or other ideas?

Practice with your kids before the sale. Talk to them in an age-appropriate way about Immigrant Families Together so they can share with customers what they're raising money for. Role play being their customer so they get used to it.

We have made some posters that you can download and print to help market your fundraiser. Put them around your stand and use them around the area to direct people to your fundraiser. Let your kids add their own touches to the signs and decorate your stand!

Encourage extra donations! Once you have a customer's attention feel free to talk about how far their donations will go. (The price sign has blanks for you to add the item and the price and uses the language "minimum donation" to let customers know that the sky's the limit!)

If customers don't have cash, we can accept donations through Venmo, PayPal and GoFundMe. Ask customers to show you their donation receipt if you'd like to verify.

Keep track of all your sales so you can share your total with us!

Post photos on social media tagging @ImmFamTogether and #IFTlemonadechallenge and make sure to tag friends and challenge them to do their own fundraiser!

Thanks to our core team leader Elizabeth, we have files attached here you can download and print to get you started with the #IFTlemonadeChallenge.


Send donations here:

ALL donations to Immigrant Families Together are tax deductible per tax code: 

Venmo: @ImmFamTogether

How We Make a Difference Together

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