Giving Tuesday

#IFTEveryDollarCounts and Every Donation Makes a Difference on Giving Tuesday and Every Day

Giving Tuesday

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December 3, 2019

Help us reach our goal of 

2000 donations! 

Join the movement and GIVE  

  • a donation
  • your time
  • your voice

Immigrant Families Together (IFT) recognizes there are SO MANY deserving charities to support for Giving Tuesday that's why our goal is to receive 2000 donations of ANY size because EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS and so does EVERY donor!  

We want to show that EVERY donation- no matter the size, has the POWER TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 

Each week we will announce the number of donations we have received in our SPECIAL Giving Tuesday #IFTEveryDollarCounts fund. 

At the end of the campaign we will 

CELEBRATE the total raised! 

Giving is not only about making a donation, it's about making a DIFFERENCE and TOGETHER WE CAN.  


  • GivingTuesday brings together a global community around ideals of generosity + collective action.
  • The ultimate goal of Giving Tuesday is a more just and generous world.
  • GivingTuesday was founded as a simple idea: to bring people together for a day of giving back. 
  • In an increasingly divided world, GivingTuesday represents a new global ritual based in joy and hope, proving that acts of kindness and goodwill can transcend country, race, religion and political ideals, and create connections between people.
  • GivingTuesday isn’t just about fundraising, it’s about communities banding together and giving of their time, power, skills, expertise, and resources.

Giving Tuesday #IFTEVERYDollar COUNTS

Help Us Reach Our Goal

A goal of 2000 donations

Immigrant Families Together has set a goal of 2000 donations for Giving Tuesday.  

Every donor is equally important to us and each help us make a difference. 

#IFTEveryDolllarCounts and every donor counts too!

Make an Extra Dollar Count


Give a donation of ANY amount and 

add a dollar.

Those pennies and dollars add up!  When we reach our goal of 2000 donations that will be be an additional $2000 in donations just in the extra dollar donations! This will go a LONG way to funding a special project, all because you gave an extra 100 pennies! 


Every Penny Counts TOO

#GivingTuesday #IFTEveryDollarCounts

Get a jar, add to it EACH day

Day 1: 1 penny

Day 2: 2 pennies 

Every day add at least penny to your giving jar corresponding to the date.... 

Day 7: 7 pennies

Day 10: 10 pennies or more and so on until you reach 30 days of giving.  

Day 30:  30 pennies or more

If you will only add a penny for each day, you will have at least $4.45 to GIVE and every penny counts when we work together. Add a few more cents and you will have a $5 donation!

Of course you could do this with nickels, dimes. quarters and dollars too! 




Holiday Charity Party

Group giving on #GivingTuesday #IFTEveryDollarCounts

Challenge your friends. family and colleagues to save their change for donations. 

At the end of the month host a party to celebrate and collect the donations. 

It's a GOOD way to kick off the holiday season! 


Change Jar At Work

Giving in the workplace for #GivingTuesday #IFtEveryDollarCounts

Do you own a business? 

Place a donation jar at the register and match the donations received. 

Are you an employee? Place a donation jar in the break room. Ask your employer if they will match your donations. 


Help Us Make A Difference

Make a difference #GivingTuesday #IFTEveryDollarCounts

#IFTEveryDollarCounts and every donor counts too! 


We CAN and DO make a difference when we work TOGETHER! 

Help us reach our goal of 2000 donations!  

How We Use Your Donations

#IFTEveryDollarCounts #GivingTuesday Logo

Every Dollar Counts

Our work is only possible because of YOUR generosity!  

Your donation supports our work to reunite and support families separated at the US/Mexico border and to support our border partners with critical needs. 

  •  Bonds to reunite families 
  •  Legal representation
  •  Medical
  • Housing
  • Food security and clothing
  • Cell phones to stay in contact with us, their attorney and family 
  • Transportation to legal and medical appointments

 Our attorneys tell us this full support model gives our families the best possible chance of being granted asylum. 

Our support to our border partners includes: 

  • Feminine hygiene
  • Educational and art supplies for pop up classes across the border
  • Holiday gifts
  • Backpacks and duffle bags
  • Tents
  • Clothing
  • OTC medicines and toiletries

Ways You can Give to make a difference All Year long

Give A Gift

Support our volunteer kids and their Etsy shop by selecting a home made gift with your donation. Cross names off your gift giving list. It's a one stop donation shop with a gift card, wrapping and mailing! 

Not only are you making a donation, you're supporting kids who want to make a difference too! 

There are:

  •  postcards
  •  notecards
  • greeting cards
  • magnets
  • paintings
  • jewelry 
  • bookmarks
  • pouches
  • note pads 

Check back often, new crafts are frequently added.    

Give Your Voice

Your voice is POWERFUL.

Your voice has power and impact! 

  • Share and repost our social media posts. 
  • Write and call your elected EVERY week. We have to keep immigration issues front and foremost in their minds. Telling them in your own words how you feel and the changes you want is the most effective way.  
  • Take Spanish classes
  • Take Know Your Rights and Court Watch classes, be an ally to asylum seeking immigrants.  

Give Your Time

You can give back to your community. Immigrant families use the services of:

  • Legal and medical clinics
  • Food pantries
  • Homeless shelters
  • Faith based organizations 

 By volunteering to support their services, you're making a difference in the lives of immigrant families and other families in need in your own community. 

Give Goods and In-kind Donations

Immigrant Families Together accepts corporate match donations as well as corporate in-kind donations to help our partners on the border with critical needs. 

Corporate inkind suggestions upon request. You'd be surprised how your company can be socially responsible and support Immigrant Families Together! 

We recognize individual donors resonate with special needs. While we cannot accept individual shipments due to security and the cost of reshipping and additional work in sorting and management, we can accept gift cards for special needs and projects. 

  • Instacart
  • Target
  • Uber and Lyft
  • Costco

Please email gift cards and corporate inquiries at

Give Kindness

Even something as simple as a smile, a hug, words of kindness can create positive change. 

  • Make immigrants in your community feel welcome. 
  • Buy a stranger's lunch
  • Give a bag of groceries to a pantry or needy family
  • Give gently used, clean household goods and clothing to a shelter/local organization. 
  • Text a friend or family member just to let them know you love them
  • Compliment a stranger

Give Talent

Anyone can host a fundraiser! 

Be creative. Use your talents, skills, friends, resources and connections. 

  • Host a concert, sing-a-long or play
  • Host a craft or bake sale, lemonade or hot cider stand
  • Host car wash
  • Host a party at a public space 
  • Host a private dinner party
  • Host a game night
  • Host a pizza, bowling or skating party 


Give Inspiration

Giving Tuesday is more than an opportunity to donate and raise money. It's YOUR OPPORTUNITY to INSPIRE others.  

  • Create conversations
  • Post inspirational quotes
  • Inspire the good that's inside us all
  • Share why you give
  • Spread the word about Giving Tuesday 
  • Post an #Unselfie - tell your friends why you support Immigrant Families Together - download below
  • Change your social media profile picture to show your support - download below 
  • Add our link to our website or fundraising campaign to your profile or  

Download the #UNSelfie

Post an #Unselfie on social media and tell your friends and followers why you support Giving Tuesday and Immigrant Families Together (IFT) and 

about the difference we are making with your support to asylum seekers on both sides of the border. 

 Create awareness and show your support by changing your profile photo.  

Downloads below:  

 Use the hashtags:




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