Fundraisers and Events

Support our Volunteer Kids

IFT market Etsy shop

Stop by our Etsy shop to choose a homemade, kid-made gift with your donation.  This shop is kid powered by our IFT NYC kid supporters. 

100% of your donation goes directly to Immigrant Families Together (less nominal Etsy fees) to support our families.  Donations are not tax deductible. 501c3 pending authorization

Check back often as new gifts are added as the kids create them!  

1. The kids! We all talk about the next generation and this is it! Many of us are trying to raise good kids who are concerned about others, give of their time and money to help others, and are aware of current events. By favoriting the shop, sharing the shop, or donating through the shop you are encouraging these kids and supporting their work. There are not many volunteer opportunities for kids (due to insurance issues most places will not let kids under 16 volunteer) so these kids made their own opportunity!

2. FUN! It's fun to get mail and a gift! If you want a little fun, we're offering this option. 

3.  Keep spreading the message - many of the gifts are things you might display or wear or use and  is a perfect conversational starter to share the issue of separated families and immigration problems, as well as the work of IFT.

Ongoing Fundraisers

IFT Lemonade Challenge, Bake and Craft Sales

image IFT Lemonade Challenge

There were so many awesome homemade fundraisers this Fourth of July that we wanted to encourage more and make it even easier!

IFT is challenging YOU to host a lemonade stand fundraiser!

Here are some helpful tips:

Decide where and when you will have your lemonade stand. Consider how best to get lots of foot traffic!

Think about what you're going to have at your Lemonade Stand. Will you stick with just lemonade or add a bake sale, art sale, or other ideas?

Practice with your kids before the sale. Talk to them in an age-appropriate way about Immigrant Families Together so they can share with customers what they're raising money for.  Role play being their customer so they get used to it.

We have made some posters that you can download and print to help market your fundraiser. Put them around your stand and use them around the area to direct people to your fundraiser.  Let your kids add their own touches to the signs and decorate your stand!

Encourage extra donations! Once you have a customer's attention feel free to talk about how far their donations will go.  (The price sign has blanks for you to add the item and the price and uses the language "minimum donation" to let customers know that the sky's the limit!)

If customers don't have cash, we can accept donations through Venmo, PayPal and GoFundMe. Ask customers to show you their donation receipt if you'd like to verify.

Keep track of all your sales so you can share your total with us!

Post photos on social media using @ImmFamTogether and #IFTlemonadechallenge and make sure to take friends and challenge them to do their own fundraiser!

Legal Disclaimer/Nota Legal

We appreciate the fundraising events held by our supporters and sponsoring business donors, however, Immigrant Families Together does not endorse or guarantee any products or services advertised here or on social media. Ideally all donations should be submitted via the Go Fund me links on our website with a comment posted on GoFund Me using a unique hashtag for your fundraiser. If  you shop at these stores or donate through any fundraising events or  use any of these services, please mention that you saw their ad on the Immigrant Families Together website and social media. 

Apreciamos los eventos para recaudar fondos organizados por nuestros seguidores y patrocinadores, sin embargo, Immigrant Families Together no aprueba o garantiza ninguno de los productos patrocinados en estos eventos o en redes sociales. Lo ideal para nosotros es que todas las donaciones sean procesadas a través de los enlaces de GoFundMe en nuestro sitio web, con un comentario en el sitio, usando un #hashtag único para tu evento de recaudación de fondos. Si compras artículos que estén a la venta, donas a través de cualquier evento, o usas cualquier otro servicio, es importante que indiques que viste su anuncio en el sitio o en las redes sociales de Immigrant Families Together.